Other wood flooring essences


Other wood flooring essences:

Cabreuva, Ciliegio, Doussiè, Iroko, Olivo, Teak, Wengè


Cabreuva comes from South America. This wood has a warm colouration and dark veining. It has a scarce oxidation and assume an uniform aspect over time. Cabreuva is an hard wood therefore wood elements are highly resistant to foot traffic and are pretty stable. Veining is neither always regular nor so visible. When Cabreuva is installed on the floor, the patterns that it creates are always refined and never too much intense.


Elegance, tradition and history live harmoniously in the European cherry thus creating a unique floor of great value and beauty. Its pale pink colouration with light and dark reflections is much required for the best villas since ages. It is the pure expression of the Italian tradition.


This exotic wood is appreciated for stability and hardness qualities. Its delicate and elegant colours give a classical touch to rooms and for this it is appreciated over the years.


It is one the African floor much appreciated for its technical and aesthetic veining. It is a hard floor that guarantees high resistance to external solicitations. This precious essence is the perfect solution for both modern and traditional contexts.


Tree of unique beauty and technical qualities. The very slow growth of this plant embodies the typical features of a Mediterranean environment where olive has been living since millenniums. The colour of this wood and its unmistakable veining make of it the real symbol of Italian craftsmanship.


Very precious essence whose stability and resistance are appreciated in the manufacturing of luxury boats. This wood is rich of natural oils and mineral components that give beauty and value to this essence. It characterizes in a cosy and warm way every space.


It is a rare tree of the African rainforests, black coloured with reddish veining. It is appreciated for its unique hardness and stability.

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Your parquet floor
Two-layers wood

Your parquet floor
Three-layers wood


mm.da 70 a 270 depending on format required


da 400 a 2400mm: length may vary depending on format required


mm 11 - 14 - 15 total thickness of the floor:

2 layers composition mm 11 - 14:

  • 4mm noble wood
  • 7mm o 10mm fir second layer

3 layers composition mm 15:

  • 4mm noble wood
  • 7mm fir second layer
  • 4mm fir third layer


Surfaces Treatments

Saw Cut

Saw cuts are visible on the wood surface, serrations are across the veining.


Superficial treatment that removes the soft component of wood in order to exalt its veining and composition.


Manual treatment executed by expert personnel. Every single element is handcrafted to exalt the structure of wood and to enhance its natural pattern.

Heat treatment

Wood is exposed to high temperatures, the aesthetic result preserve all the natural beauty of the wood.


Treatment to obtain a perfect smooth surface.

Final treatments


Superficial finishing of the wood obtained through acrylic or water varnishes which assure great performances and resistance.

Oil treatment

Wood is treated with free-solvent oils that penetrate into the fibre of wood by protecting it. This treatment is repeatable over time with an easy maintenance..



Selection that privileges wood with regular veining, homogeneous colourations and small knots.


This selection considers the presence of knots, colours are variegated and veining is evident.


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